Digital SLR Camera – How to clean DSLR Camera Lens?

Digital SLR Camera – How to clean DSLR Camera Lens?

A clean camera is a happy camera. So It is important to maintain your digital SLR camera which involves cleaning it regularly(but not too regular) .We just need to be more careful while cleaning Lens and the Sensor.
Use filters to keep your lens free of dust and smudges. Then The only thing you’ll need to clean is the filter itself.
You can use Good Quality UV filter or skylight Filter always to keep the lens protected.

What we need is?
Lens cleaning fluids, Cleaning Tissues, cleaning cloth, Blowers, Brushes, and lastly Silica Gel.
All the above have different uses while cleaning the Front side or the back side of the lens and also the Camera sensor.

Following are few simple ways in which you can clean up the camera Lens:
1) Keep your Camera Lens on a on a stable platform. Make sure that area is dust free and clean.
2) Sometimes you will notice the large dust particles on the front side of the camera so use the blower on the front side of the lens and blow off the dust.
3) Now its the Time to use the Cleaning fluids use 3-4 drops of the fluid on the front side of the lens and with cleaning cloth( ie.micro-fiber cloth)
Gently wipe the lens in a gentle circular motion. Always apply the fluid to a cloth or tissue rather than the lens itself.
4)Use cleaning tissues for the final touch.They are a very thin paper that will let you wipe your lenses without scratching them.  These tissues are one use tissues and should be thrown away after using
5)For the back-side of the lens, use a blower to blow the and then use a soft brush to brush the dust away.

Last thing is to put some Silica Gel sachets in your camera bag this will protect the camera lens from any moisture in your bag.

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